Barrel beer building

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Barrel beer building

Postby barleyrat » Sun Jul 10, 2016 8:23 pm

Hey everybody.

So anyone who has been to the past couple of BUZZ meetings has likely heard that Triptych is going to provide the club a wine barrel for an ambitious brewing project. I thought we should start a thread to get a conversation rolling about what we want to do with it. If I remember correctly, it's 60 gallons and previously held Chardonnay.

*So one option would be to decide on a recipe, split mashing and primary fermentation amongst ~12 members and age the combined beer in the barrel. This would give us the most flexibility on choosing a style, but we would need 12 people dedicated to making the beer.

*Another option is to use the wort Triptych uses as a base for their sours. I was told it will be pale in color and fairly light. It will also be unhopped. Anthony, maybe you could comment on some specifics (e.g. OG, constituent malts, mashed high or low). We could again split this wort ~12 ways, primary separately and return, or we could primary in barrel. The prickly issue is that if we want to hop it we will need to split it amongst several burners. I'm sure we could find enough turkey friers to make that possible though.

So we should decide on one of these options and then hammer out a recipe. We should also decide on when these things should happen.

So if you have any thoughts on this drop them here.

TL;DR - we have a barrel. we should put beer in it. we could make make our own wort or use Triptych's. Thoughts?/do you want to help?

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Re: Barrel beer building

Postby Glen Forneris » Tue Aug 02, 2016 8:57 pm

How about a basil, mint saison?
Glen Forneris
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