August Meeting Notes

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August Meeting Notes

Postby OtherTim » Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:47 am

Presentation: English Browns by Jackson. The Newcastle wasn't super skunky and personally Samuel Smith's was the best.

Old Business:

Rum Barrel: Half of the people who committed to brewing have brewed. If you signed up to brew for it, please update the spreadsheet with whether you have brewed. If you haven't, please indicate when you plan on brewing. We'd like for any stragglers to brew within the next 2 weeks.

Grain Buy: Grain will be here mid to late August. We will be picking the grain up from Triptych. If you are unable to pick it up within three days of arrival, please let me or Jackson know. We can arrange for another member to hold your grain at their house.

New Business:

Mid-week Drink up: Quality, Thursday Aug 17th at 6PM.

Officer elections: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasury will all be open. Elections will be held next month. If you have questions about any of the roles, please contact Jackson.

Bus Trip to Indianapolis: Dates are 21st (Greg said 22nd but that's a Sunday) or 28th of October. The proposed plan is to rent a bus to Indianapolis, visit 2-3 brewers downtown, then 2-3 breweries outside of downtown. We would need 30-40 people to break even on the cost. BUZZ will be covering the cost of the bus. Homebrew and commercial beer is allowed on the bus, but no kegs. Please contact Greg A. if you have questions about the trip.

Triptych Assistant Brewer: Triptych is looking to hiring an assistant brewer. It's a good opportunity for a homebrewer looking to turn pro. Please contact Greg A. for more details.

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