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February Meeting Notes

PostPosted: Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:39 pm
by timbossenbroek
We will meet at Destihl in April and at 25 O'Clock in June.
Please make note of this.

March and May meetings will still be at Riggs.

BUZZ Meeting Notes: 2/1/2018
Old Business
1. Yeast Presentation: 25 O’Clock invited us to a yeast presentation last month. Several members attended. They will be setting up a yeast bank that we can draw from.
2. Rum Barrel: The cider was moved out of the Rum Barrel. A brown will be going in soon.
3. Pump Purchase: A motion to buy a self-priming pump (~$200) to use for barrel and other projects passed. A show of hands indicated a commitment to continue the barrel project, purchasing a second one when this one is finished. Participants will be expected to pay extra to help cover the cost of the pump
4. Water chemistry: Brian received a 2016 Brewing Water analysis from the Champaign Water district. The 2017 will be out in a couple of months. Brian will purchase a kit to test the water ourselves.
5. BUZZ Brew Off: The date for the brew off was set for June 9. Please contact Tim Bossenbroek ( with contacts or ideas for a competition site, or if you would be willing to volunteer for one of the key positions, or to be an assistant to one of the key positions:
a. Competition Coordinator: Tim Bossenbroek; Assistant:
b. Judge Coordinator: Jackson Fliss; Assistant:
c. Registrar: Mattox Beckman Assistant:
d. Head Steward: Dennis Assistant:
e. Swag Wrangler: Matt Moharan Assistant:
f. Food Wrangler: ? Assistant:

New Business
1. Happy Hour: Wednesday, February 21, 6:00 pm @ Crane Alley
2. March Meeting: Thursday, March 1, 7:00 pm @ Riggs
3. Spent Grains: Blue Cabboose Farm would like your spent grains. The farmer in in Champaign until 5 Mon-Sat. Contact Tim Schilling if interested -
4. April Meeting: We will meet at Desthil in Champaign. The will give a presentation on food pairing and one on sour beers.
5. May Meeting: @ Riggs
6. June Meeting: @ 25 O’Clock brewing
7. Monarch Brewing Co.: Jackson will organize a club visit sometime after February
8. Presentation: Tim Prescott gave a presentation on Czech Lagers.